Shooting Competition Gerlachfest
"ADV rider salute"  Chasing Bonus points up Palomar Mtn -LowCal250 Rally.
! !- Riding Moto-Bikes Is Good Fun -! !
White Stag s Rally 2011 Yep, this rally again surpassed all the high expectations and was truly over-the-top                
MERA 10n10 Endurance Rally This was the most amazing event.  ....Wow.
Wild Wild West Endurance Rally An awesomely done rally with a great theme.  Cognoscente Event
RTE Oregon and other fun Spontaneous Ride To Eat  in Bend Oregon ....this was some good fun.
Utah 1088 Endurance Rally 2010 If the MERA folks make this event any more fun -we're going to need seatbelts!
Cal24 Endurance Rally 2010 These folks do a rally suited for everyone ....and it was good fun!
ShakeDown Ride NV AZ UT ShakeDown Ride of the new Battle Born Bike
Battle Born Bike Overview of the Battle Born FJR
FJR Group Ride Meet up with FJR folks on Donner Summit
New (to me) Bike In Alabama Fly-n-ride   Alabama to Reno ..and a great transaction.
White Stag 2010 Yet another "too much fun" White Stag rally.
Death Valley Daze  A meet-up of FJR guys at the Longstreet in Amargosa Valley
Nevada Day 2009 A few days of casual riding to some great spots in the Battle Born State
2009 Gerlachfest Kathy Joined In For This ...and it was a GREAT time all around.
IBR Finish Spokane Iron Butt Rally Finish ...Ride Up To Spokane (and back) ....some good fun..
Utah 1088 (2009) Stoned at the 1088;  ...This rally was truly good fun all-the-way around.
Sierra Ride w/Tyler Posse Nice ride in the Sierras and then fun at the seven-up ranch
NV 1099 Endurace Rally  (2009) Great rally in a great state = Great Fun!!
25Hours Of Fun  ~NorCA~ A day ride visiting some favorite roads in NorCA
Hobart Retirement RTE A Great weekend Ride to Corona for Steve, Tequila and Fun!
White Stag 2009 20th anniversary of this very special rally.   Another job well done!
Pinks RTE 2008 Great fun going down to Hollyweird for another Dean Tanji sponsored RTE!
NorCA/S.Oregon -Phunky stuff Amazing backroads and sites of NorCA and Southern Oregon
"Two Wheel Nut" -Memorial "Tim Bates" (Two Wheel Nut) -Memorial.    A great celebration of Tim's life.
2008 Gerlachfest Oh My!!!   This Gathering was over the top. 
Pacific NW Stromers and more... A Quick Trek up north:  OR, ID, MT ..stromers, dirt, good roads and a few freak encounters
Day Ride with Brian R & Warchild Warchild is no street pussy.  A good day of fun
Redskier, FJR guys, Dry Creek A three day medley of all kinda of stuff!!!  Bareman siting, Dry Creek Ranch ...etc etc
Burney Loop with Mike & Steve Relaxed ride of good sites, silly times, Pole Gazers, lightning, no electricity and a LEO
2008 Cal 24 Rally  Nice job by the Cal 24 folks .......
WORD! Rally 2008 Cognescente Event ...Can you spell: this rally is all about riding!!
Northern CA Loop Exploring old and new faorites in NorCA ~many good pics.
Yosemite Ride Opening Day 2008 great roads and new friends.  Good pics
Oregon Loop w/Bryan Awesome roads and great fun on this terrific adventure.  Thanks so much Bryan.
Nevada 1099 Rally COMING SOON  - Great Ride, Other's reports: (Brian R's report)  (Lloyd G report)
Lovelock Caves Silly afternoon outing to a groovy place w/Brian!  and yes, you can have the waypoint.
LowCal 250 Rally Craig did a splendid job with this rally.  Mucho Fun and a great weekend all around
Quincy Simple overnight ride with Kathy
Hondarosa ('nuf said) Awesome long weekend with Don, Tim and the Vickerys  ~  many good pics
Trip to LowCal Riding with Craig ..GZ's Birthday and a night with a crackhead.  ~ many good pics
Nevada fun with Don ~Dirt~ Evening in Winnemucca followed by dirt, a spill and good times.
Nevada Style -3days of adventure Nevada loop (splash of AZ) with Monte.  Good Nevada style fun.
White Stag 2008 This much fun should be illegal.   Ooops, I think it is!!!
Pinks Ride To Eat Chilly ride for a Chillidog ...Thanks Dean Tanji.
Bareman and Blackrock RenoJohn and Bareman molest the Black Rock Desert.   Sillly stuff.
Shooting at Gerlachfest Man, I need to do a trip report for ths great weekend.   Here is some fun shooting.
Spank Rally 2007 Fun, lessons learned, beer, and some awesome riding -the unique-iest of rallies.
Nor Cal with Don I promise you'll enjoy this one.  GREATEST of roads with the bestest of  riding buds
Eagle Lake, Cedarville and dirt An outing with Don ....some nice exploring.
WFO, BBG15, Colorado & more Wow, a whirlwind of great fun and adventure.   A good one here.
2007 Utah 1088 My first rally and the most humbling day of my riding tenure.  AND GOOD FUN TOO.
Fairlainer comes north 4Adventure Group FJR ride in the Sierras  (FJR forum thread here-clicky)
Mexico 2007 A few weeks enjoying the best riding and best fun on planet earth.
Nevada BBG1500 Me thinks doing a certified BBG in NV is cheating ...and a lot of fun!
FJR to Rick Mayer Always fun to do a ride-in to Rick's place.
Sonora Pass w/Bareman Sonora pass  and more ....always fun riding with the Bareman.
Prosser Washington RTE Desert Moto for a hotdog and some good fun.  Yep, pissed on the rocks too!
Yet another silly ride w/Bareman Doing what we do best:  Silly, spirited fun on moto-bikes.
RTE at Brunos Simple RTE in Gerlach with the Beemer guys.
RTE -Morro Bay FJR clan Man-O-Man, mother nature is a nasty girl sometimes.  (GOOD pics here-clicky)
Ride with Vince Some good sites in NorCA
White Stag 2007 & more... White Stag, Death Vally Daze, and Canadians.   (many more pics here-clicky)
Death Valley  ~Dirt Bikes~ w/Don and Bob doing DV the dirty way  (many more pics here-clicky)
NV, NM, AZ and Mexico A whirlwind of  Thanksgiving fun   (many more pics here-clicky)
Bareman,Sierras,FJR's & ~snow~ Bareman has a "Lucky Strike" and we have more good fun  (many more picshere-clicky)
Typical FJR "day" ride (CA SS1K) Hit some good roads and turned out to be an impromptu  CA SS1K  (more pics here-clicky)
Bike show and fun w/Don Sierras, Sacto for bike show, Washington(town) and Reese  (Lots of  bike pics here-clicky)
Super Motard Races  Super Motard Races -Donner Summit
Arizona Loop w/Don Nice long weekend exploring great roads -including dirt.  AZ rocks  GOOD PICS
Sierras w/Kathy Romantic getaway w/Kathy and a Bareman sighting  (more pics here-clicky)
Northern CA with Vince & Mark Vince, Mark and good roads in NorCA
Oregon on the FJR First FJR ride ..Crater Lake, Sisters etc etc
New FJR Back when the fat ol' gal was clean and shiny.
Sierras w/Bareman a bunch of twisties and then a nice ride with Kathryn.
Soldier Meadows ~Dirt Bike~ A dust devil overnight outing to Soldier Meadows
Beerme and Renojohn NV-SS1K Can you say Mormon Crickets?  A fun ride and Many Good Pics HERE-CLICKY
Mexico 2006 2years later, still working on this report.   Here are a poopload of random pics ...but they don't tell it all.
Visit with Al Jesse to buy panniers Spent time with Al on our way to Mexico ...great fun experience and Al bought lunch!
Old V-Strom My first V-Strom went to a very nice lady ...who trailered it away.  bye bye
Strom Takes On Dirty Beemers Dirt ride on the fat traillies   (more pics here-clicky)
Another snow ride Got caught in some snow ...but made it home
Gary welds on skid plate bracket A ride to Pollock for home-brew bracket (thanks gary) and a Bareman sighting.
Ed, Don2 and Larry Little ride in the Sierras
Pyramid Lake w/Tiger Jim Tiger Jim and I loiter around Pyramid Lake  (more pics here-clicky)
NV, AZ, CA and aliens too! Nice multi-state loop to see some great sites (more pics here-clicky)
Thanksgiving ride NV style A cold an snow-filled ride to my friend's ranch in central NV
Strom riding with the Beemers Dirt ride with Beemers and a Tiger ...crazy day   (more pics here-clicky)
Great NV fun with Ed Great days in NV.   (more pics here-clicky)   (ED's GREAT write upHERE CLICKY)
Group ride -Sierras Goofin' around with a group ride in the sierras
Kathy and Friends -MSF course 6 nurses do 3-day MSF course in Carson City bestest of friends, none ridden since.
Four Stroms do Nevada Me, Beerme and two from Utah have a great weekend ridng Nevada
Idaho ..weekend ride Nice weekend loop through some great roads in Idaho
Romantic(?) get-away on the bike Use this report as an example how NOT to impress the one you love
Mr/Mrs Sandiegoland  -Sierras Craig & Lisa come north and we share some riding and fun.
Berlin and Ichthyosaur ..etc Exploring some great sites in central Nevada
Joshua Tree, Lake Arrowhead etc Mohave desert etc etc
Oregon through the Sierras ... While working in OR ..a great weekend of riding and sight-seeing.  (lots-o-pics)
Oregon Easter weekend A long easter weekend ride in Oregon.  Many pics :-)
Oregon with Bryan While working in OR ....S Oregon, N California with Bryain ..including a Rick Mayer ride-in.
Simple ride from OR to Nevada While working in OR ....back roads down to Reno ...coyote and worn out tire!
V-Strom Vs. FJR -comparison My personal review comparing the two bikes.
2007 V-Strom Gathering  Some of the Pics and Ride reports of 2007 gathering

It All Started With This Bike:

Kawasaki KV75

A two-stroke, three speed with lights for those nightime trails.  Mine was the MT-1 which meant it was the Parnelli Jones Edition(clicky)
At age six, I started adventure touring on the trails around the house.  This brought an unimagineable source of freedom and adventure.  Certainly the catalyst of the fun on moto-bikes that I still have today.  Many bikes since this one, but this one holds the fondest memories.  I wish I still had it and would like to find one to restore. 

An ill-fitting helmet, no real safety gear, I learned the value of not falling down  at an early age :-) 

Current Stable:

V-Strom (Suzuki DL-1000
I  coined the phrase:  "Funnerest Bike Out There".  I very much believe this bike is just that:  The FUNNEREST!   My second men's version of the Strom (1st one) and heavily farkled with aftermarket accessories (as most stroms are, -each owner tailers the bike to what they want out of it). 

This bike performs well in many arenas and that flexibility knocks down many barriers for it's adventuresome rider while out touring planet earth.  Whether canyon carving, chasing sport bikes, sport-touring or just touring  -This bike will hold it's own. 
**And when it comes to Adventure Touring?:  You best get out of the way. 

Much good info and a great cast of characters who ride this bike can be found here(clicky

Yamaha FJR 1300
I wasn't sure what to do with this bike when I first got it.  It sat in the garage for a while before getting much use.  Not as light, quick or agile as a sport bike, can't go everywhere the Strom can go.  Eventually, I discoved that this bike has a niche:   This gal can gobble up miles like nobody's business. 

Yamaha created a masterpiece with the engineering of this bike and it has become a staple in the LD(long distance riders) community.  For good reason: Open up the atlas, throw a dart and the FJR13 will effortlesslly take you there at a pace of your choosing with no drama.  Handles well, is comfortable and has a great spirit.  This bike really rocks and we've become very fond of each other.

Awesome & organized info on this bike here(clicky) and a forum to learn more about the bike and the folks who pilot it here(clicky)

Kawasaki KLX400 (DRZ 440"E")
A good fit for my needs.  This bike isn't a screaming Moto-X bike, nor is it a heavy dual sport.  Instead a nice solid/reliable bike to go out and have some fun.  Whether aggressively riding the tough stuff, or adventure touring great sites, this bike will get the job done.

While branded a Kawasaki, it is a Suzuki DRZ 440"E".  This is the non-street version.  However, (easy to do in NV) I've put lights on it and it's 'plated'.  So, it can be taken on the street as well.   The dirt version is better than the OEM street version because of better carburetor, cams, wiring harness and a few other things.  (This bike will spank any DRZ "S" model) 

Race Tech'd suspension front and rear.  Modified and jetted Keihin carburetor, Muzzy exhaust, over sized fuel tank, bash plate, case protection...

! !- Riding Moto-Bikes Is Good Fun -! !
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